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Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate effervescent tablet

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Fast-dissolving tablet
  • effervescent tablet
  • 2893-78-9
  • 219.94600
  • C3CL2N3NAO3

Product Description

Please note:

1. The tablet form in  0.15g、 0.5g、 1g、 3.3g、 5g、 7g 

 2.  It is used in medicial and drinking water

                        S P E C F I C A T I O N

Product: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate effervescent 3.3g tablet

  Appearance:                                                  white tablet

    SDIC:                                                              41% (1.5g)

  Active chlorine:                    30% min(1g/tablet)

   PH(1% solution):                                              5-7

  Moisture:                                                        5-10%

         Insoluble mater:                                               0.5%

 Tablet weight:                                                  3.3g/tablet

               Dissolution time:                                            10-15 minutes

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Aqua Chem is one professional and leading chinese swimming pool & spa chemicals manufacturer and exporter. We invest and hold share TCCA and SDIC factory, and keep long-term stable partner relationship with several partners, that guarantee us to provide you full series of solutions for swimming pool.

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Over the past decade years, Aqua Chem have become one leading professional swimming pool & spa Chemical supplier and exporter in China. 

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