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  • Q which chlorine chemical products to use for swimming pool as disinfectant?

    Two types of chemicals used to disinfect swimming-pool water are calcium hypochlorite and chlorinated isocyanurate. These pool chlorinating chemicals are sold in various forms under number of different trademarks. 
    1- Inorganic chlorine (Not Stabilized Chlorine):
    Chlorine gas (Gas)
    Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid)
    Calcium and the lithium Hypochlorite (Solid)
    2- Organic Chlorine  (Stabilized Chlorine):
    Sodium dichloisocyanurite acid (Solid)
    Trichloroisocyanurite acid (Solid)
  • Q How to dosificate the chemicals inside the pool water?

    1- Directly to the pool water.
    Ensure the filtration equipment is switched off and the pool empty of the bathers before adding products.
    Pour the necessary dose of product in a container with water and evenly distribute over the pool water surface.
    2- With Skimmer.
    Place the quantity necessary of product in the skimmers baskets, once the filtering equipment has been backwashes.
    3- Inject of recirculating water.
    With the filtering equipment working, inject product, by means of a metering pump, before entreating the filters.
  • Q How to keep the swimming pool water perfect state with chemicals?

    A Chemical water care comprises 4 different stages;

  • Q Why the swimming pools need to be treated with chemicals?

    Swimming pools require care and maintenance to keep them in a perfect state of clearness and disinfection.
    Bathers and the environment (Wind, rain,  etc) introduce into the swimming pool  water micro-organism and contaminants which could harm users and cause deterioration in the facilities. Filtering helps to eliminate a large part of dirt which has been introduced, but the growth of bacteria, algae and viruses can only be prevented by adding chemical products.


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