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Aquatabs Water Purification NaDCC tablets 67mg

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Aqua Chem Aquatabs water purification tablets are effervescent tablets which kill all micro- organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases.


NaDCC effervescent tablets are available in a range of different tablet sizes. Each tablet size is formulated to treat a specific volume of water – ranging from 1L to 2,500L.


NaDCC effervescent tablets are used both in emergency situations and also for continuous use in households that do not have access to safe drinking water.



Why it’s necessary to use ?


1. Many water sources throughout the world, even after filtration, remain contaminated and require some form of disinfection.


2. NaDCC effervescent tablets enable areas without access to water disinfection systems to benefit from the advantages of chlorination without any infrastructure requirements in a speedy and cost effective manner.


3. NaDCC effervescent tablets are simple to use, easily transported, cost effective and affordable to low income groups.


4. NaDCC effervescent tablets utilise materials specifically approved to International standards for use in drinking water with NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certification.


5. NaDCC effervescent tablets have been evaluated and selected by leading Aid Agencies, Non Governmental Organisations and Defence Forces worldwide.




Instructions for use:


(1) For clouded water: Dissolve 1 tablet in 10 litres of water (or 2 tablet in 20 litres of water). Cloudy water should first be filtered or allowed to settle.

(2) For clear water: Dissolve 1 tablet in 20 litres of water.

(3) In both cases, allow contact for 30 minutes minimum before drinking.


Over the past decade years, Aqua Chem have become one leading professional swimming pool & spa Chemical supplier and exporter in China. 

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