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High Purity 99% Mgso4.7H2O of Agricultural Grade, Feed Grade&Food Grade Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, also known as thiopicr, bitter salt, laxative salt, is a white or colorless needle shaped or inclined columnar crystal, odorless, cool and slightly bitter. Upon thermal decomposition, the crystalline water is gradually removed and transformed into anhydrous magnesium sulfate. Mainly used in fertilizers, leather making, printing and dyeing, catalysts, papermaking, plastics, ceramics, pigments, matches, explosives, and fireproof materials, it can be used for printing and dyeing thin cotton cloth and silk, as a weighting agent for cotton silk and a filler for kapok products, and as a laxative in medicine.
  • 99% Heptahydrate

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  • Mgso4 7H2O

Assay %min:
MgSO4 %min:
MgO %min:
Mg %min:
S %min:
PH(5% solution):

Product Description

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate used for printing and dyeing thin cotton cloth and silk, as a weighting agent for cotton and silk, and as a filler for kapok products. It is also used in the manufacturing of porcelain, pigments, and fire-resistant materials. Used as a laxative in medicine. Microbial industry is used as a culture medium component, as an additive for brewing, to supplement magnesium in brewing water, and as a nutritional source during fermentation. Used as a filler in the leather industry to enhance heat resistance. Used as magnesium fertilizer in agriculture. Used in light industry to produce fresh yeast, monosodium glutamate, and as a stabilizer for calcium hydrogen phosphate in toothpaste production. A coagulant aid for cement. It is also used in the pulp industry, rayon, and textile industries. Nutritional supplements; Curing agent; Flavor enhancer; Processing aids. Brewing additives supplement magnesium in brewing water as a nutritional source during fermentation to enhance fermentation capacity. Improve the flavor of synthetic sake (dosage 0.002%). Adjust the hardness of the water.11-25HA7R725SQKM)1WEA5C80.webp

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Company Profile

Aqua Chem is one professional and leading chinese swimming pool & spa chemicals manufacturer and exporter. We invest and hold share TCCA and SDIC factory, and keep long-term stable partner relationship with several partners, that guarantee us to provide you full series of solutions for swimming pool.DSCN0208


Company name: Aqua Chem Industry Co., Ltd
Office address:Room 802, 12-1 BLDG, No.58 Xiwang Avenue, Yancheng,  JiangSu, P.R.China  


When were you established 
Our factory was established in 1999, and our office were in 2003.

What is the revenue in a year 
40 million per year.


What are the selling markets 
Our main selling markets are Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, also some other
countries, but we don't export to America due to EPA and Anti-dumpting tax.

What is the factory size 
7.5 ten thousand square meters.

What are the products that are manufacturing 

How many product/ manufacturing lines What is the manufacturing lot size 
Capacity: 25000 metric tons per year for TCCA, 15000 metric tons per year for SDIC. We
are now the second big manufacturer of TCCA in China.

How many employees 
around 500 peoples.

Do your company has ISO certificate 
Yes, we have.


How many employees in the QA department 
10-15 peoples.

What is the quality process Please describe the testing equipment used. How often did
you measure the manufacturing 
In a word, We test through chemical analysis methods, chromatographic instrument etc.
We choose random samples to test every batch, and keep some for stock.



Over the past decade years, Aqua Chem have become one leading professional swimming pool & spa Chemical supplier and exporter in China. 

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