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Chlorine Stabilizer -Cyanuric Acid 98% powder, gran or tablet

Chlorine Stabilizer -Cyanuric Acid 98% Granular water balance
  • Chlorine Stabilizer
  • 108-80-5
  • 203-618-0
  • 129.07
  • C3H3N3O3

Product Description

Chlorine Stabilizer socyanuric Acid 98% Granular water balance

Aspect                                                           Specification

Appearance                                                 White granular 

Purity                                                             98.0% min

PH value 1% solution                                  3.5 – 4.5

Moisture %                                                   0.5% max

Bulk Density g/cm3                                      0.8 min

Pre-conditions your pool water to make chlorine last longer
Protects chlorine from the sun’s damaging effects
Increases chlorine effectiveness

Powder, Granular or Tablet form

Packaed in 1kg,5kg 50kg or 1000kg

Company Information

Aqua Chem is one professional and leading chinese swimming pool & spa chemicals manufacturer and exporter. We invest and hold share TCCA and SDIC factory, and keep long-term stable partner relationship with several partners, that guarantee us to provide you full series of solutions for swimming pool.

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Over the past decade years, Aqua Chem have become one leading professional swimming pool & spa Chemical supplier and exporter in China. 

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